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La Petite Scene :: Quebec CIty :: 04.03.15

Alien Mirrored Motion


I like to work with subversion. I try to not take myself too seriously. I feel secure in myself as a feminist, so I like to fuck with ideas of what that label means, what it means to be a woman on stage and what it means to be a female choreographer. My work often explores and asks questions about objectification and reverence and how these ideas are often two sides of the same coin. I feel the objectification of any performer on stage is almost impossible to avoid. In 2012 I addressed these themes in a dance creation called Soft Animal.

song written and performed by Jaide Veda


Choreography: Josh Martin and Jennifer McLeish-Lewis (for their respective sides)

Film: Brian Johnson
Music: John Korsrurd

FiSHGiRL has been a clown character, an installation performance, a stage performance, and now a short film.

This incarnation is a collaboration between Patricia Kim and Jennifer McLeish-Lewis.

Words: Yann Martel from the novel Self
Sound Design: Chris Kelly
Concept/Choreography: Jennifer McLeish-Lewis
Film: Patricia Kim

Rep workshop in Nanaimo

learn a piece of choreography from Soft Animal
Saturday Jan.19th, 2013 4pm-8pm
$50 including tax (cash of cheque)
Kirkwood Dance Academy
Central Nanaimo B.C. for info and to register

A mission undertaken to obtain, by visual observation or other detection methods, information about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential enemy, or to secure data concerning the meteorological, hydrographic, or geographic Imagecharacteristics of a particular area. Also called RECON.

(the act of making) a study (of land, enemy troops etc) to obtain information, eg before a battle.


In 1980. a well-meaning fundraiser came to see me and said, “Miss Graham, the most powerful thing you have going for you to raise money is your respectability.” I wanted to spit. Respectable! Show me any artist who wants to be respectable.

Martha Graham